Rode Investigation’s team of surveillance experts are able to perform undercover and covert tasks utilizing the latest technology and by continuing to be relentless and patient when working on a case.  Through utilizing the most up to date video and still camera photography we can provide our clients with HD quality video surveillance and photography.

The surveillance success rate for an investigator increases significantly when a client authorizes the time to be extended.  Studies have shown that increasing the time from one to two days or even longer allows the investigator to prepare and gather pre surveillance information on the subject.  That information includes a wide variety of details and factors the investigator will utilize while performing the surveillance.  Some preparation that can increase the success rate of a surveillance includes:

If the investigator can gather this pre-surveillance information the day before they begin surveillance the chances of obtaining video and or photographs increase tremendously.

Private Investigators and Surveillance

Surveillance is the key to success for most investigative cases including:

When an investigator is able to observe and gather detailed evidence it provides the necessary facts for the case to be built and presented to the client.  The following are two examples of how surveillance can be instrumental in a case

Investigators provide stationary surveillance on a person’s house who submitted an insurance claim for an injured back. During the surveillance the investigator is able to obtain video surveillance of the subject picking up and carrying 40 lb. bags of mulch

An investigator is hired to work undercover in a local warehouse to determine who is committing internal theft. Over the course of a few weeks the investigator gains the trust of fellow employees and eventually is given information that leads to a subject being caught on camera concealing merchandise during a shift change.