Persons Locate

Whether you are having trouble finding a witness, defendant, client, or you are looking for that old friend, child, or parent etc. Rode Investigations private investigators conduct person locates by utilizing comprehensive research tools and proprietary investigative techniques.  Our investigators are trained and highly skilled in locating hard to find individuals.  Our methods are creative and we believe in using an “out of the box” approach when looking for individuals that do not necessarily want to be found.  We are not confined to only using online databases or internet searches.  In some cases our investigators will meet with prior neighbors, employees or persons of interest to track the individual our client is looking for.

However please keep in mind that some tragic incidents over the years have come from a private investigator releasing an address to a private individual.  Some of these incidents included the client of the investigator causing bodily injury or even death of the individual they have located.  Because of this most investigators will not accept such investigations without setting certain boundaries with their clients.  For example we at Rode Investigations may accept a case if we can provide the address to the client’s attorney or if we locate the person we can either ask the individual we located if it is okay to release their address to our client, or if they refuse we can send a letter from the client to the individual being sought, but not reveal the subjects address.

Rode Investigations would be more than happy to take on an investigation from a private individual with the understanding that the boundaries set forth above will be strictly followed.