Teen Issues

Curious as to what your son or daughter may be doing tonight?


Many parents struggle with the stress of not knowing who their children are with, what they are doing, and where they are hanging out.   

Teens must navigate many different obstacles including peer pressure, drug use, hanging with the “wrong crowd”, emotional stress, and much more. Discreetly monitoring your teen’s activities has become an increasingly hard task for parents to accomplish. Rode Investigations will help bring to light the inconsistent stories and excuses that your child may be giving you. We will provide you with the truth to the questions you ask yourself about your child. With the knowledge and tools that we have available to us we are able to dive deep into the world of social media, monitor your child’s whereabouts via surveillance and help you have peace of mind knowing the truth about your child.

Are you up at night waiting for your teen to return home? Can’t go to sleep without knowing your child is safe? If so, please contact us today! We have highly trained investigators that will utilize their knowledge and expertise to find out the activities of your child and how they are spending their time. Call us today!