Tenant Screening

The average eviction costs $3500. Historically, screening tenants was only done by large professional property management companies ;  however, in today’s climate everyone should take the steps to really know to who they are renting!

Whether you are just beginning to invest in Real Estate or you are a seasoned investor, your property is an asset that should be protected. You should know who you are renting to and if the prospective tenant or tenants are a risk to you or your property. Rode Investigations will provide you with the tenant’s past rental history, background, credit scores, any previous evictions, liens, judgments and or bankruptcies. With this information you will have the peace of mind and knowledge before you sign a lease which could save you time, money and legal expenses later.

Rode Investigations, LLC can provide experienced investigators that have the knowledge, skill and resources to find the information needed in a discreet and timely manner.

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