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Michael M

Pitman, NJ - Persons Locate / Assets Locate

I contracted Mr. Cleary of Rhode Investigations on several  separate  matters to obtain difficult and sensitive information as well as locating a individual for court related matters. At a difficult time in my life, Mr Cleary’s professionalism ,resourcefulness, attention to detail and sincerity for my needs was greatly appreciated. He was able to locate and obtain all of the information I requested in a very timely manner,accurately, keeping me well informed of his findings at all times. Additionally, he provided highly detailed documentation well received by the court that was key to bringing my case to a positive resolve for my daughter and I.  After researching many Private investigation agencies, I can highly recommend, Rode investigations,in my opinion,not only were they the highest caliber of professionalism, they were the most competitively priced and I was only charged for services  rendered and refunded the remainder of my fee placed down at the completion of the job.  I would highly recommend Rode investigation to anyone requiring investigative services.

Gwen M

Wildwood - Game Monitoring

Kevin and his team were able to stop an issue my son and his friends were having with an online bully while they played that game Fortnite.  Through Rode Investigation’s,  online “Safe Zone” I am able to have the peace of mind when my child is online playing a game with his friends. They are able to enjoy a safe and secure online experience that not only I can monitor but other parents are able to join the secure chat area as well to monitor their children.

Megan R.

Marlton, NJ - Child Custody

Rode Investigations assisted me with providing the necessary surveillance and investigation report to assist in supplying the court with enough information proving my ex husband was unfit to provide parental guidance for my two children.  Kevin was able to obtain substantial evidence showing that my ex husband has a substance addiction and he was not spending anytime with the children.  Rode Investigations provided me with the necessary facts and information for the court to award me full custody of my children!

Dave V.

Greenwhich, NJ - Background Checks

I used Rode Investigations for a criminal background check and it was great working with Kevin. He was extremely professional and I would highly recommend him to anyone needing help.